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Smoked BBQ Chicken Breasts

As you can probably tell, there has been a lot of action this weekend cooking on the Big Green Egg! We just tried using the smoking accessory this past weekend, so tonight we decided to smoke a few chicken breasts for dinner, knowing we’d have enough for leftovers tomorrow as well for lunch. The flavor was just insanely delicious, and this only took about 45 minutes using the ConvEGGtor. I used some of my favorite rubs and sauces to marinate the chicken for about 1-2 hours before we did the grilling, but you can use whichever rub/sauce you prefer. Enjoy!


3 chicken breasts (or you could use thighs/drumsticks if you prefer)

1 1/2 tb poultry rub (I used Dizzy Pig’s rub for poultry)

1 cup barbecue marinade/sauce (I used Well’s Chicken and Pork Sauce)

1/2 tb fresh parsley, chopped


Rub the chicken on both sides with the poultry rub, and add to a large Ziploc bag. Add the barbecue sauce and marinate for at least 1-2 hours. If using the BGE, heat to 400 degrees using wood chips. Cook each side for approximately 20 minutes, basting with additional sauce when you flip the chicken. Slice and serve!

Smoked barbecue chicken breasts

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