Baked Salmon Packets, Two Ways!

In an attempt to be healthy, I always try to bring my lunch to work (and in an attempt to save money). The Alaskan salmon looked delicious this week, so I bought a slab of it and thought I'd get creative. Cooking your salmon in foil packets is a great way to keep them moist. It's also great for chicken, etc. I decided to make my salmon two ways. Feel free to get creative on your own! Simply put all of the ingredients in the foil packet with the salmon and seal. Bake in a glass dish. Asian Salmon: I used the sauce from the Asian Style Green Beans that I had leftover and coated the salmon and then threw two slices of lime on the salmon before sealing the packet. Bake at 375 for 20 minutes. Lemon Dill Salmon: Dice 1 tb of fresh dill. Sprinkle a bit of Rosemary Herb seasoning (or whichever you prefer), squeeze a bit of lemon juice on the salmon and top with the fresh dill and two slices of lemon before sealing the packet. Bake at 375 for 20 minutes. NOTE: Be careful when opening the packets. The hot steam can burn you very easily.

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